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You know what it’s like; the eternal merry go round of negative chatter,

insulting chatter, chatter that you would never say to anyone.

And yet?

You happily say it to yourself.

For what reason?

Why, is it that we so quickly put ourselves down? Don’t acknowledge our achievements?  Never take that time to whisper sweet nothings of our beauty to ourselves.

Because we allow our negativity to rule.

Presided over by the majesty of entitlement from our inner critic or as I prefer to call her our inner bitch.

For she belives she is right and all-knowing.  Yet her words sting and hurt.

And leaves us confused, fearful, resentful and which more often than not stops you in your tracks and bam we end up going no where fast.

But you know what?

I think it is time we all took a stand and ditched the bitch once and for all.

For really we cannot get to the juicy stuff, the big girls playing field if we never make peace with the inner critic, our inner bitch.  That’s why I have created the Ditch the Bitch and Say Goodbye to the Inner Critic Controlling Your Life workbook and it is yours completely free.

“Before we can journey together, to go to places we only dream of, we have to come to terms with what holds us back and seriously that is only us.”

If you are ready to identify exactly what holds you back then you will love my free Ditch the Bitch and Say Goodbye to the Inner Critic Controlling Your Life workbook.

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Enjoy and do tell me what happens to you after you have Ditched the Bitch.

With love